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Hi all,

New to the ESP32 but it seems to be a great platform. Im evaluating using it for an IoT project where we'd like to use an OLED gfx display. Ive put together a simple demo board and brought it up very quickly using the arduino IDE to the point where I can display graphics using hardware SPI on an SSD1322 (using u8g2).

My next step as intended to be to bring up one of the FreeRTOS projects and the esp-iot-solution example oled_scree_module seemed to be a good place to start - Ive had a look at it and ugfx seems handy, but im struggling to understand the relationshop betwen ugfx and esp-iot-solution. ugfx seems to have both ssd1306 and ssd1322 drivers :

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but it looks like the drivers need to be adapted for freertos as per :

Code: Select all

However I can't seem to find any information about this beyond the example. I could try and mash together a driver from what i can deduce about the differences betwen the ugfx 1306 and 1322 drivers and adapt to follow the different drier layout and then attempt to graft on the SPI interface as demonstrated by one of the other drivers but im a bit concerned that this could be a lot of work and a bit of a shot in the dark...

Is anyone are of either a 1322 driver (ideally) or another driver that's closer (such as an SPI based SSD13xx series) or at least a pointer to some appropriate documentation so I can work out what's necessary?


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