Board Compatibilty Question for ESP-WHO

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Board Compatibilty Question for ESP-WHO

Postby nikhilrishi » Fri May 08, 2020 7:42 am

Dear All,

I would like to use ESP-WHO to build facial recognition based attendance system, where I would need to connect
- door access lock
- display
- a relay
- a rocker switch
- Green and Red LEDs for visual status

Which boards shall I use?

I have been able to identify ESP32-CAM ... D/10385116, will it solve my purpose?


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Re: Board Compatibilty Question for ESP-WHO

Postby johncblacker » Wed May 05, 2021 3:35 pm

Wow, a year old and no reply? I recommend you take a look at the website Random Nerd Tutorials. They have a wealth of information regarding the different esp32-cam boards. For your application, you're going to need a board that exposes a number of pins, or if you want to use something like the TTGO T-CAMERA PLUS board, you're going to have to get an I2C extension board that you can use to give you more pins to work with. I have the PCF8574 board which provides 8 gpio pins + an interrupt pin (in order to use the interrupt pin you have to have a "spare, open" pin on the main board to wire it to). Several of these boards can be connected together (each has a unique address) and that provides a bunch more pins to work with. Good luck.

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