Can I link esp-eye to my home WiFi

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Can I link esp-eye to my home WiFi

Postby smbunn » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:44 am

I finally got the demo application 'recognition_solution" running. The Windows guide gets you to try out 'hello_world'. DO NOT DO THIS!!
The hello_world example has its own IDF which is incompatible with the ESP-EYE. A full uninstall and re-install of the MSYS32 environment, then git pull of the ESP-WHO files and re-initialise of the requirements.txt got me going.

The ESP-EYE even recognized faces but tends to crash after a few minutes. The image is upside down as many people point out.
Linking into its own WiFi SSID is a pain, as it only appears as an SSID after you say "Hi Lotion" or is that "Hi Low Shin" as I can't pronounce the Chinese wake up word. I actually have the downloaded sample word play thru my speakers to wake up the chip. Why did Esspresif choose a word we Westerners cannot pronounce?

Anyway that is not my question. I wanted to have the esp-eye device join my home network rather than set up its own SSID. That way hopefully I can also get it to accept an IP Address by DHCP and then use my desktop browser to open the face_stream window.

Is this possible? Secondly I wanted it to send confirmation of identified face and ID via MQTT to my MQTT broker. I saw that the MQTT library was part of the build. Can anyone point me in the right direction to any documentation that will guide me? I am assuming that the general ESP32 chip means I can use any functions written for that chipset and they should compile and transfer to the ESP-EYE OK?


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Re: Can I link esp-eye to my home WiFi

Postby ESP_Sandra » Thu May 23, 2019 8:52 am

I found your requirement similar to our latest example -- recognition_wechat( ... ion_wechat), where cellphone and ESP-EYE board are connected to the same LAN, and the image captured by camera can be shown on the phone, furthermore, face detection and recognition are both supported.

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Re: Can I link esp-eye to my home WiFi

Postby ESP_cermak » Thu May 23, 2019 9:13 am

Hi smbunn,

you can connect to your WiFi just disabling [EXAMPLE_ESP_WIFI_MODE_AP]( ... wifi.c#L39) in app_wifi.c, which enables station mode.

ESP-WHO references IDF 3.2, where esp-mqtt is already integrated. I would recommend to start with some of the examples here: ... ocols/mqtt
Also please refer to the IDF documentation here: ... /mqtt.html

Also a note about hello_world example, please check also version of the API-docs (you might have looked at latest 4.0, whilst the esp-who references 3.2, which is the latest stable -- please note the [versions]( ... sions.html) in IDF docs)

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