Update eclipse plugin to use new esp-idf

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Update eclipse plugin to use new esp-idf

Postby kbreining » Thu May 21, 2020 1:24 pm

I had an installation of esp-idf-v3.3.1 using the eclipse plugin in eclipse-2019. Now I upgraded to esp-idf-v4.1-beta1. But each time there were error messages due to some "remains" of the old esp-idf installation.
So I deleted eclipse, .eclipse, .espressif, the workspace, esp-idf-directory. Also the eclipse-directory in AppData/local. This is everything I found on my computer concerning eclipse and esp-idf.
After reinstalling everything, I again get an error message because some files in .../esp-idf-v3.3.1/... were not found. Where on earth is this software hiding its settings? I created a new windows user and installed eclipse there, then it works. But there must be a better way to upgrade the idf without buying a new computer...

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Re: Update eclipse plugin to use new esp-idf

Postby kondalkolipaka » Fri May 22, 2020 7:25 am

Hi kbreining,

While installing the tools from the Eclipse, make sure you select the IDFv4.1 path directory. Install Tools dialog won't appear if you've already configured paths. But you can always modify IDF_PATH from the CDT Build Environment preferences.

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Preferences > C/C++ Build > Environment
Also let us know when do you face this error - build? Having more info on this would help.

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