ESP32 dev board with NXP MCU in MCUXpresso IDE

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ESP32 dev board with NXP MCU in MCUXpresso IDE

Postby mi7wifibt » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:06 am


This is my first time in this forum as I am currently doing research on suitable WiFi BT module for our new product development's custom main controller board for IoT application via WiFi and BT wireless communication physical layer at the "edge" of the cloud network.

I am interested on an Ayla Networks Supported Device / module, ESP-WROOM-32

The main controller custom board where this module will be mounted on will have an NXP MCU MKL28Z512VLL7 and I have used MCUXpresso IDE for C-language firmware development which is basically an spin-off or based on Eclipse IDE platform but catered to NXP MCUs and other devices.

I'm trying to understand how to integrate ESP-IDF v3.2 SDK (I'm currently downloading as I type this post) and import this in MCUXpresso to work with the rest of main NXP microcontroller MKL28Z.

I guess I also have to ask this same question on the NXP forum but does anyone here has any insight on such "cross-platform" integration of WiFiBT device to general purpose MCU device from different manufacturers?

Please advise.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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