ESP-IDF Extension, Project Version Management

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ESP-IDF Extension, Project Version Management

Postby OllieK » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:14 am

I am still a very new user of ESP-IDF Extension on Visual Studio Code, and there has been surprises and disappointments in the learning process. In my past IDEs, there has always been a save as command for files and projects. I am fully aware that in VSC the GIT based Source Control is the recommended solution for the related issues, but I need something simpler.

Certainly, there are several alternative workarounds. I would like to hear your comments for the following.
  • In your OS explorer (Windows, Mac, Linux), find the folder where your VSC project is stores, such as MySuperProject.
  • Copy the folder and give it a new name, such as MySuperProject_V0_1
  • Open the build subfolder and delete all the subfolders and files
  • Start VSC and open folder MySuperProject_V0_1
  • Select the command ESP-IDF: Configure ESP-IDF extension (Use existing setup).
  • Build the project. If you get an error message related to file compile_commands.json then you have skipped the ESP-IDF: Configure ESP-IDF extension command.
This is quite quick procedure and should have been automated in ESP-IDF Extension.

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