EBUSY error on full clean

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EBUSY error on full clean

Postby orbitcoms » Tue May 04, 2021 9:56 pm

I am running vscode with ESP-IDF extension 1.0.3

Since update to v1.0.3 I am getting the error "EBUSY:resource busy or loacked, rmdir" in all my projects when I attempt to do a full-clean.

In another post I am discussing spiffs mounting errors that started to appear after latest extension update and wonder if this might be related? I did not add this into the other post because it may not be related to the other issue but can't help wondering whether my config settings are no longer being applied properly due to this "locking" error?

If I attempt to manually remove the build folder, the locking prevents this.

Any help much appreciated

PS. I note if I open the config in vscode and then save it, I cannot do full clean. But if I exit vscode and restart, I can do full clean without locking. Maybe the extension is locking something when editing config and not unlocking when saving it?
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