Debugging with vs code extension

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Debugging with vs code extension

Postby abgironne » Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:51 pm

I just updated to v1.1.0 and was full of hope that this time the debugging extension could work. It did not, but at least it's giving me an error instead of a blank popup: "Failed to init Debug Adapter".

I'm actually the only one on my team that is able to make the IDF work and we are in a kinda critical time for one of our project. I need to spend many hours with each of them so they are able to build and debug. I really like VS Code for my every embedded projects since Eclipse is so heavy, lacks plugin and takes forever to open and maniupulate.

Is there anyway we can collaborate on this? Is there any log, error message I can give find? ESP-IDF is a great platform and is full of promises but it needs to be usable without spending days of setting up the environment. I was thinking of making my own python script to download/configure all the required files then fill tasks.json et launch.json templates with the paths of the downloaded files. The debugger (either microsoft cppdbg or native debugger) don't work really well with breakpoints and get out of sync most of the time. I use cortex-debug for stm32 development and it works flawlessy, for example. On windows vs code's cppdbg seems to work well but on Linux (Ubuntu) it fails easily.

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Re: Debugging with vs code extension

Postby ESP_bignacio » Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:55 am

Have you configure the extension correctly ?

For troubleshooting, please look at ... leshooting and see if there is an error output from ESP-IDF Debug Adapter output channel.

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