【ESP32-C3】 AT

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【ESP32-C3】 AT

Postby Rainbow » Wed Sep 15, 2021 6:27 am

I work with the ESP32-C3 AT-Binary (https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp ... index.html)

- I have the issue that i need multiple Wifi-Profiles (Eg. 1x WPA2, 2xWPA-Enterprise) and i do not want to every time send the crendentials over UART as this then can be used to read the credentials from the target super easily. Is there a way to store multiple "profiles" on the chip?

- It is strange, if i use SYSTORE=1, most options are not persistently stored like the hostname and multiple options more. If you use autoconnect, and reset or even power-cycle the chip, if this is not being stored persistently, it will always use the default value (for the hostname in example its espressif) and connect to the AP before i can change the hostname...

- I would very much welcome way more examples. Right now its unclear to me how i can establish a connection to a HTTPS server ?

- So establish the connection to the server? Then How can i POST binary data to that server? Your API (AT+HTTPCLIENT) does only allow text-payload, but i need binary payload. And the alternative (AT+HTTPCPOST) might be able to do this but misses a lot of parameters (like content type, url, ...)?

- How to flash my certificate onto the chip?

- Can i burn the certificate over the AT-UART?

The documentation basically just tells you what commands exist, but nothing to use as reference on how to use them. I would very much like to get examples, especially for HTTP+TLS, connection establishment and POST with binary data.

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