Best way to configure a library only project
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Best way to configure a library only project

Postby » Mon May 13, 2019 10:07 am

I have a ESP32 library component that I want to use in multiple ESP32 projects.
I plan to include it as a git submodule in the components folder of the client projects and have crafted the library's CMakeLists.txt to reflect that it is a component of another project. This works well when compiling the client projects.


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But is there a way for me to also be able to compile the library project standalone?
If so how?
Do I have a second CMakeLists.txt for the library? If so, what does it look like (I can't get anything to compile)?
And how do I invoke a different CMakeLists.txt?

Or is there another way that I should be thinking about this?

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