Stuck on UART Peripheral

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Stuck on UART Peripheral

Postby ron_15 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 8:02 am

I've been tinkering with the UART Peripheral and got stuck on using interrupts. I have understood HardwareSerial and able do to reads and writes with it. So, the next thing I did was messing with interrupts. I find there's very little discussion on the web about this peripheral. I can't find that much examples using the Arduino IDE. Also, mostly are RX interrupts but none for the TX. I've also tried looking at ESP-IDF and still ended up stuck when implementing UART Interrupts. I've been looking at the API Reference Manual and Technical manuals. It seemed that there's a big void between the API and the low level contents of the Technical Manual.

Anyway can anyone point me to the right direction?

1. Are there anyway in Arduino to access all the interrupt feature of ESP32's UART?
2. How can I do time sensitive operations in FreeRTOS under Arduino?
3. Would there be a problem if I use the FreeRTOS Tasks in Arduino?
4. Is it advisable to mix and match ESP-IDF and Arduino codes?
5. Are there any resource/examples that shows all the features of ESP32's UART

Please be patient with me. Thanks!

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