ESP32 mesh geometry - linear extent

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ESP32 mesh geometry - linear extent

Postby liklev » Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:26 pm

Hi, i would like to create a single mesh in a very long corridor for sectioned light control. How far i can go with a "linear" arrangement ? as i understand if i nominate the root node to be one node in the center of the corridor then i can have half the hops from root to leaves (one parent branch to one end of the corridor while a second parent branch to the other end).
for e.g. what if that corridor is 1500 meter ? then expecting 10m between lights (nodes) its a 150node mesh / halved at the middle ca. 75 nodes (layers) on each 2 "limbs" root to leaf. is it manageable with simple esp32 moduls?
somewhere i've read 6 layers max recommended due to on-board memory limitations (to hold mesh maps /tables ?) but the protocol itself could handle much more.

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Re: ESP32 mesh geometry - linear extent

Postby ESP_LBB » Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:47 pm

Hi liklev,

Yes it's feasible, for this special kind scenario we have one special version, in that case it can be hundreds even thousand layers. However there will be delay when it goes deeper (there is 10~30ms delay for each hop in our test).

For our common version released on github, it's 25 layers maximum(for now) and we recommande 6 layers as it can already meet most cases (it can cover hundreds of devices if they are well placed).

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