TVOC sensor CCS811 and other I2C slaves

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TVOC sensor CCS811 and other I2C slaves

Postby marko.brelak » Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:32 pm

Dear colleagues,

I am working on a project which has several slaves on the I2C bus. So far, everything went well, except for the CCS811 sensor which has a little bit different I2C driver implementation.
I am using this driver:

What I am thinking about is that the aforementioned CCS811 driver does not create and use the mutex while using the I2C bus. Whereas all other slaves on the bus use the mutex and that way there are no collisions while communicating. So my question is am I right when I say that this driver with its implementation can not go so well with all others which uses mutex?

Thanks in advance for any comment!

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