Need help building openocd for windows 10 (msys32)

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Need help building openocd for windows 10 (msys32)

Postby fbautista » Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:14 pm


I'm pretty new to esp32 development. I am running esp tools through msys32 on Windows. I've successfully integrated to Eclipse but currently running into a problem building openocd.

I am following this guide: ... ndows.html

but I am getting the following error when running ./configure:

Code: Select all

checking for libusb-1.0... no
configure: WARNING: libusb-1.x not found, trying legacy libusb-0.1 as a fallback; consider installing libusb-1.x instead
i was able to get libusb-1.0 and extracted it but seems it's not installed?

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