ESP32 CSI for localization / gesture recognition

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ESP32 CSI for localization / gesture recognition

Postby reneprins » Sat Jan 04, 2020 1:41 pm


I'm looking for a solution and hopefully someone can give me an answer. I want to develop a number of edge devices where I can very accurately determine what the movements are in a room, that's how I ended up on the Atheros CSI and Linux 802.11n CSI tool. Now my search has ended on the ESP32 chip that can provide me with CSI (channel state information) data. The tools from Atheros and Linux are pretty accurate to get CSI data because they have multiple antennas, among other things.

Now I was wondering, is the ESP32 chip accurate / reliable enough to do a similar measurement like other tools with the Linux 802.11n CSI tool and is it sufficient in terms of range for gesture recognition?

As an example: If I make a number of edge devices based on the ESP32 chip and I put them throughout my house. Would I theoretically have reach through all the rooms where I put an edge device where I can get the CSI data (of course depending on the setup, etc.)

I have already looked at the following github page: ... ation-CSI-

If there are people who have experimented with this before, I would also like to hear it.

Thank you so much for your helps.

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Re: ESP32 CSI for localization / gesture recognition

Postby ricksondpenha » Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:29 am

Hi, I was researching on this too, Esp32 doesnt have multiple antennas so i dont know how accurate the data will be, in addition theres esp wifi mesh available, may be we could stream the csi data from the the mesh connected devices?

Then theres tensorflow lite available on esp32, which can do further inferencing on the esp32 itself. This would be an interesting project, If esp32 can do localisation and gesture recognition using human activity detection algorithms, this would be a game changer. :idea:

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