Communicate PC and ESP32 by FT2232H SPI mode

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Communicate PC and ESP32 by FT2232H SPI mode

Postby wishing » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:50 am

Hey, I want to transfer data between my PC and ESP32, and now I use FT2232H as a bridge.

First, I'm using the driver MPSSE provided by FTDI, programming to act the FT2232H as a SPI master. Then use esp32 as a SPI slave, finished that, I sent data from PC to esp32, but what I got was wrong, but when sent data from esp32 to PC, it's correct.

Now, I can't make sure what the problem is, so I want to know is there any example for me, or other way could meet my need, thanks.
If more detail needed, I'll respond as soon.

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