ESP32-WROVER tests & issues

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Re: ESP32-WROVER tests & issues

Postby cspwcspw » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:47 pm

Guru Meditation Errors: my evidence is as follows: I run the sample WiFiUDP client in the ESP32 libraries. It sends via UDP every second, so I can watch things on my laptop. (The example comes with a python UDP server script to watch UDP messages from the ESP32.)

At 80Mhz flash frequency, on the WROVER KIT V3 I get an unwanted illegal instruction with Mean Time Between Failures of less than 60 seconds. Reducing the flash frequency to 40Mhz makes things *much* more stable, but ... I still see crashes. (MTBF closer to 1 hour). I have not yet had the guts to unsolder the 0-ohm resistors to reduce the capacitance.

My two other ESP32 dev kit boards (cheap, one a NodeMCU kit, one a DOIT kit) are rock-solid stable with exactly the same code, at 80Mhz.

BUT, here is my interesting observation. I externally power the WROVER-KIT. But I leave the USB connected to the laptop so that I can use the (Arduino) serial monitor. ANY LAPTOP ACTIVITY AT ALL that fiddles with USB ports will reset my WROVER. Plugging in or out my usb connection to a guitar amplifier resets the WROVER. Plugging in or out my wireless mouse USB adaptor resets the WROVER. It seems that the RTS pin is causing the reset, even though it probably wasn't intended for this particular device on the USB chain.

The problem happens, but seemingly less often, if the Serial Monitor window is open to the WROVER. So I suspect that as the new USB devices are recognized by my laptop, it is somehow "resetting" my WROVER, or the WROVER is too sensitive to a bit of noise on the USB.

I'm running Windows 10. Is there a USB to UART driver issue for this fancy FT2232HL. (Have I got the best drivers? Where do I get them?) Suggestions (aside from "don't use Windows") are welcome.


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