esp32-CAM Color Detection

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esp32-CAM Color Detection

Postby RS_Solver » Mon Jan 24, 2022 8:48 pm

I'm new to esp32. I bought a esp32-Cam and found the "Camera Web Server" example. I can upload the code and run it. And i maneged to process an immage with openCV. My goal is to take a picture of a Rubiks Cube and extract the colors. With OpenCV there is no big problem to do that. My question is if the esp32 can recognise the colors and output the color. I think this should be possible. But I don't know where to find informations about the esp32-cam. I could't find any article, that descirbes how the example code of the Web server functions and how you can modifie it. Can sombody give me an advice were to find such informations. Thanks in advance.
Here is the image from the esp32-cam were i want to detect the colors. The cam and the cube are in a fixed position.
picture from esp32-cam
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