WROOM-32E and 32kHz RTC crystal

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WROOM-32E and 32kHz RTC crystal

Postby esp_zag0 » Thu Jan 27, 2022 2:36 am

I've been using 32.768kHz XTAL with my old WROOMs 32 and 32D with no issues.
However, when I solder the XTAL to a WROOM 32E it won't start:

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clk: 32 kHz XTAL not found, switching to internal 150 kHz oscillator
I'm using the same PCB, same XTAL, same capacitors. Nothing changed except WROOM. I'm flashing examples/get-started/hello_world project. The only thing I changed in menuconfig is ESP32_RTC_CLK_SRC. Same project flashed on 32 and 32E - XTAL works on 32 but doesn't work on 32E.

Do I need to change something in menuconfig for it to work on 32E?


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