A2DP source, connection to two bt speaker

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A2DP source, connection to two bt speaker

Postby rob_bits » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:15 pm

Hello all,

I am interesting in the functionality of stream data at the same time to multiple A2DP SINK devices. More precisely I want to stream audio from ESP32 to two bluetooth speaker. Is it possible with the current esp-idf?

Could be the A2DP_source example code modified to work with two sink devices?

I went through the current source example and I think it can be modificated to discover multiple devices and connect to them, but will it work in the end?

Can be the esp_a2d_source_connect() function called if we already connected to one sink device? Will the previous connection maintained?

If we can connect multiple sink devices already then what about the following code (in /a2dp_source/main/main.c line 277 - 280):

/* initialize A2DP source */
What will be the role of the data callback function? Will it stream the data to both of the connected device? Or how can we handle which data goes where?


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