Home Automation Product Design

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Home Automation Product Design

Postby pegasus.automa » Tue Nov 06, 2018 5:58 pm

Hello all,
I am a complete newbie to ESP32. My goal is to create a Multiple Client-Server Architecture over ESP32 wherein one of the ESP32 becomes a server and the rest (~30 ESP modules) becomes clients. I want "two-way", "real-time" communication between them using Wi-Fi. I already have tried using the WebSocket library on Arduino (allocating each of the clients a dedicated port to communicate with the server) but the issue is the number of the client connection.

After a pretty boring and long story, my major questions are...
1) I want to develop a very robust and reliable system. Should I shift to ESP32 IDF or can continue with the Arduino?
2) Is there any other way of achieving multi-client server architecture (other than WebSocket and a dedicated port to each of the clients)?
3) After the hardware level connection, I want to develop an android application through which I can get data on my mobile phone. I developed a very basic multiple WebSocket webpage using Javascript for it... Any other way for this gateway (ESP --> Mobile App)?

Thanks in advance to those who read it and tried to understand it...

Hoping for earliest replies! :) :) :)

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Re: Home Automation Product Design

Postby srimbey » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:58 pm

Try MQTT. However it requires a "broker" running on another computer to route the messages. EPS's publish a message. Or subscribe to a message. Broker is the middleman routing the messages.

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